Chefkok Alain Alders

Neolea won the
Gold Award in the 2020 NYIOOC. 

The panel judged Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil as delicate with a tasting sensation that can be described with tones of banana, fig leaf, radish and ripe olives. According to the organisation, Gold at the NYIOOC is the pinnacle of excellence. It is a fantastic acknowledgment for the efforts the Neolea team took together with the farmers and the olive press in the Manessi, Greece. 

Bart Jan Manten, founder and CEO of Neolea shares proudly:

 “At Neolea we harvest fine food to our own rhythm and it's fantastic to see more and more people like our beat, including the sommeliers.  Although markets aren't exactly dominated by those who strive for quality, I am a firm believer that high quality isn’t only recognised by experts but is instead appreciated and recognised by all. To be honest, at Neolea it isn't a goal on its own but simply the standard."


The 2020 edition of the NYIOOC has been the most innovative ever, as they were held in a five day fully digital conference. Full results and more information is available on The site details each winning oil’s unique features, judges’ tasting notes and links to producers’ websites and points of sale.

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