No one likes a diet, but a Mediterranean lifestyle sounds pretty good!

Let’s slow things down a bit, take some more time to enjoy the view, live in the moment and invite our friends over for dinner this Sunday. 
Sometimes we get wound up in our fast lives and forget to take a step back and focus on what really makes us happy. Time to enjoy the view, the food, the company and many other amazing things, that turn out have been within reach all this time. Neoela wants to inspire you to life a Mediterranean lifestyle. We like to call it lifestyle because it’s not only about a diet and who likes diets anyway?

A happy and fulfilled life is the key to success, not the other way around!

Did you know the Greeks actually live longer than the average and this is true for most people around the Mediterranean? Our lifestyle consists of lots of veggies, fresh fish and the foundation of it all: really good extra virgin olive oil. This lifestyle is all about sharing these special moments. With Neolea we don’t only share the finest extra virgin olive oil, we also aim to inspire you to enjoy life to the fullest and literally Get More Taste out of life.
Being at the centre of this tasty lifestyle, Neolea has the responsibility to create great taste but also to offer you all the healthy nutrients that are naturally present within the olive. Neolea is packed with vitamin A and phenolic acid a phytochemical that acts as an antioxidant to protect your cells. Next to the antioxidant like properties, true EVOO is also known to lower blood pressure. Research has also shown that adding olive oil to your daily diet promotes anti-inflammatory conditions in your body. Vitamin A is important for growth, development, the maintenance of the immune system as well as your vision.