Wholesale Product Overview

Pure Sea Salt

Neolea sea salt is harvested by hand from the Greek Seas. Our pure sea salt is the basis for all flavors and is perfect to add a zilty bite to any dish.

Citrus Sea Salt

The perfect match with ceviche, grilled fish and avocado on toast. That's Neolea citrus sea salt. The sea salt is made with lemon, orange and bergamot and therefore fresher than fresh!

Mediterranean Herbs Sea Salt

Among the olive trees from which Neolea produces her olive oil grow various herbs such as sage, oregano and thyme. These herbs together with the salt form the basis for mediterranean herbs sea salt.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

For some better on the dinner table, for others as a more affordable gift. Our 250ml bottle has a unique design and its own identity with the best quality olive oil you can expect.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Directly from the olive grove, our olive oil is bottled in a 500ml glass bottle with a white coating. The coating ensures that the olive oil is protected against UV radiation.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l

Our 5l container has been designed to keep large quantities of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. The large container is perfect for events and a favorite among many chefs. 

Capers & Tomato Sea Salt

The intense sweet-tart flavor of the sun dried tomatoes and tangy and vinegary taste of the capers are a perfect match and longtime favorite of many.

Vanilla Sea Salt

Our vanilla Sea Salt is made with vanilla beans from Madagascar and is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. This special flavor is perfect for baking sweet goods.

Smoked Sea Salt

A special production process gives our pure salt a smoked flavor and a special character. Neolea smoked sea salt is ideal to give a dish a barbecue flavor without actually barbecuing!