Unique Design

Around the Mediterranean, design has been about more than just functionality since renaissance times. Through strong design and craftsmanship you create distinctive character, merit and offer inspiration.


Neolea means youth in Greek, which perfectly emphasizes the freshness of our olive oil but also the healthy characteristics due to high values of phenolic acid in our olive oil.

Neo-Elea means new olive in Greek, a new quality standard but also a new way of inspiring.






It is no coincidence that the colour of Neolea is virgin white. Neolea stands out and steals the show on every shelf as well as in the kitchen or on the table. The black logo is clean and powerful which emphasizes the pure taste and aroma of Neolea. Everything starts at the olive tree and once it is pruned, we make olive wood stoppers that make each Neolea bottle unique and give it its own character. The wood stoppers give the bottle its own character while connecting the packaging to the origins of its contents. 

"A bottle that says something, about you, your passion for quality and sense of style, that’s what we set out to create"


Neolea is bottled in glass, as glass is the only material that cannot affect the quality of olive oil. As it is non translucent, it stops most of the UV light coming inside, which is one of the greatest harms for olive oil. The bottle has a solid base that ensures that the bottle never falls over. The shorter height makes sure it never gets in the way on the table during your conversation. The pouring spout always ensures to get the ideal amount of Neolea.